School Support

YESS has a long history of working with schools, in fact it is how we first came to exist so we understand the challenges that schools face all the way from Primary, Secondary and beyond.  

Some positive feedback from the Director of Student Services at one of our SLA Schools, Staffordshire.  

“Having the option to refer cases to YESS has been invaluable. It’s has been important to have ability to provide students with as many session as they have needed especially throughout the pandemic. YESS staff have been really flexible and have worked with us to provide the best experience possible by delivering sessions in a range of ways. Students speak highly of the support they receive and have a wonderful professional relationship with their counsellor.” Director of Student Services 

We are able to provide a range of tailored therapy solutions including accessing therapy on and ad-hoc basis and also Service Level Agreements. Our Service Level Agreements provide the opportunity to have a dedicated therapy service in your school for students. Schools can have the satisfaction in knowing their students are being supported by a specialist service with minimal interruption.  

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